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Magal Plus

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Magal Plus Global Services for IT Cooling LTD. 

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The company offers full service and maintenance solutions including spare parts, control and communication systems for data centers.

Service Contracts


Equipment in data centers is very critical and in order to preserve it and allow proper operation over time, Magal Plus offers a range of solutions for the provision of maintenance services for air conditioning systems in Data Centers, includes a commitment for the arrival of technicians in short times, service around the clock, twenty-four hours a day, seven day a week, and the ability to purchase full parts insurance, for such as fans, compressors , valves, control cards, display cards and so on.
We believe that proper maintenance and preventive maintenance allow proper operation of the cooling systems over time. Most failures can be prevented, saving costly downtime, cost of spare parts and ongoing operating cost, such as energy saving.
We recommend obtaining services under an annual service agreement so you can enjoy fast response times,
a fixed, known cost and appropriate spare parts inventory. For more information, contact us


Site Optimization


Magal Plus, has an accumulated experience of decades, of planning and designing new data centers as well as improving old computing centers. 

We offer our customers to benefit from this experience by performing a professionaland detailed site survey, including a careful examination of the data center structure, raised floor, air supply openings for equipment, temperature and humidity, underfloor pressure, air flow, cooling redundency and energy efficiency.
The report presents the findings and deficiencies observed, and suggests possible solutions with a focus on energy savings, improved redundency
and minimal financial expense that enables a quick ROI as possible.


For more information, contact us


BMS Designing & Planing


Most organizations implemented control and monitoring systems that allow the monitoring and collection of data from different systems, such as electrical panels, UPS systems, generators, air conditioning and more.
Usually the data centers managers which are in charge of these systems get vast amounts of information or too little. Many of them relate to the control system as an alarm that notifies on malfunctions, even though the purpose of the system is completely different.
After setting up the control system and its adaptation to the needs of the organization the system can generate targeted reports for the facility manager that will help him detect failures before the formation of faults and thereby sustain preventive maintenance, that will yield a large saving in maintenance costs, reducing the amount of breakdowns and unnecessary downtime and expensive.
An example of a control system report well characterized is the definition of the number of times the compressor kicks in. Every startup of the compressor, its
life span is getting shorter. by taking this important subject (undefined in most control systems...) as an issue to deal with, allowing continuous operation or Inaction, and thereby extend the life of the product, avoid mulfunctions, downtimes and save money.
Magal plus extensive experience in electromechanical systems combined with the extensive knowledge in control systems, a
llows us to offer our clients under service agreements, ongoing examination of the organization needs and implementing it to the existing control systems optimally.


For more information, contact us

Energy Saving


In most data centers, installed  air conditioning systems that includs, heat exchangers, humidifires (for adding moisture), heaters, EC-type controled  fans, air flow control systems and advanced communications that allow the A/C units, that enables optimized operation, considerable savings in energy and maintenance costs.

In fact, the core of advanced air conditioning systems, includes electronic systems, control and communications that are designed to protect the unit's mechanical assemblies, ensure perfect trouble-free operation for many years and significant energy savings

Appropriate implementation and configuratation of the systems on an ongoing basis, yields for major savings and smoothly operation. the electronic systems require supervision, regulation, inspection and maintenance as any advanced computer system.

Full and proper operation of the air conditioning systems in your organization, enable considerable financial and energy saving.

Magal Plus specializes in the optimization of air conditioning energy saving and offers its customers a service contract that will ensure optimum operation of the units, minimum downtime, greater energy savings, savings in spare parts with mechanical routine maintenance that can be performed (customer's choice) by any air conditioning maintenance company, under our supervision and guidance.




For more information, contact us

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